• baking life

    Soda Biscuits

    On Saint Patrick’s Day — just a bit of a silly holiday really but after ascertaining that all four of us have a lot of Irish ancestry I decided to honor that — I…

    22 March 2020
  • baking cookies sweets

    Little Sugar Cookies (Befanini)

    Happy new year! We spent the first day of 2020 eating morning buns from the Bovine Bakery and walking up to Divide Meadow in the Point Reyes National Seashore, the kind of thing that…

    10 January 2020
  • life life in riyadh

    Saudi Days, Saudi Nights

    In Saudi Arabia the heat is baked into your skin, which is always coated with a thin layer of dust. The first month we are there a massive dust storm whips through Riyadh and…

    10 November 2019