• breakfast

    Our Favorite Waffle Recipe

    We’ve settled into a routine over here more or less — have you? The general angst about not being able to go anywhere flares up often but we’re managing (one of my favorite Aussie…

    6 May 2020
  • baking cookies holidays semi-vegan

    Spring Sugar Cookies

    In the spirit of keeping busy doing fun things while staying at home, and not doing the same things over and over again, today we baked cookies cutting them into sweet spring shapes with…

    10 April 2020
  • baking life

    Soda Biscuits

    On Saint Patrick’s Day — just a bit of a silly holiday really but after ascertaining that all four of us have a lot of Irish ancestry I decided to honor that — I…

    22 March 2020
  • baking cookies sweets

    Little Sugar Cookies (Befanini)

    Happy new year! We spent the first day of 2020 eating morning buns from the Bovine Bakery and walking up to Divide Meadow in the Point Reyes National Seashore, the kind of thing that…

    10 January 2020