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    Gravenstein Apple Pie

    4 August 2020

    Our second summer in our house and the Golden Delicious apple tree in the backyard is drooping and dropping with fruit; last night one of the branches cracked off, depositing a heavy load of apples onto the dry grass — they’re not quite ripe so I’ll turn them into applesauce. On the other tree the Gravensteins are just about perfect and there are a lot less of them so we’re being judicious about how we consume them (best: eating straight from the tree. Even better: put into a pie). Gravensteins are an early apple and their season is short. They are perfect for pie because they are tart and firm and if you’re like me and don’t like an overly sweet pie they make for an ideal filling.

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    Our Favorite Waffle Recipe

    We’ve settled into a routine over here more or less — have you? The general angst about not being able to go anywhere flares up often but we’re managing (one of my favorite Aussie…

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    Spring Sugar Cookies

    In the spirit of keeping busy doing fun things while staying at home, and not doing the same things over and over again, today we baked cookies cutting them into sweet spring shapes with…

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    Soda Biscuits

    On Saint Patrick’s Day — just a bit of a silly holiday really but after ascertaining that all four of us have a lot of Irish ancestry I decided to honor that — I…

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