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    Quick and Healthy Carrot Muffins

    28 March 2019

    Friends, hello — those of you who are still here, anyway. Despite my best intentions writing regularly here never quite pans out. The will is there … it’s just the free time that is lacking. We’ve eased into spring here in Northern California, one that has been marked so far with rain and lots of it. Thus, our grass is green, our puddles robust, and our heating bill high because we’ve forgotten how chilly and damp being nearish to the coast can be. As I type this rain is pounding down on our house, water is piling on the low-lying areas of our property, and the enormous oak tree in our back yard is gently unfurling its new leaves. We’ve discovered to our delight that there are calla lilies and forget-me-nots growing freely along the back fence, tucked in among the ferns and trees. We are planning to plant flowers but it is a treat to have ones already growing wild without any effort from us.

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    Blackberry Cream Cake

    Back in October — nearly four months ago now — I made a cake to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary. Each year since we’ve been married no matter where we’ve lived (and sometimes this…

    29 January 2019
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    Poppyseed Cake

    As it happens, I made this simple yet luscious poppyseed cake almost a year ago on a sweltering Sydney afternoon and I’m finally getting to posting it. It’s a lovely holiday treat, baked as…

    17 December 2018
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    Pumpkin-Chocolate Loaf

    This morning much needed rain is finally falling on Northern California and will, we hope, douse the fires burning to the north east of us and clearing out the air that has been weighing…

    21 November 2018