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    Blackberry-Apple Crisp

    10 September 2021

    It’s finally blackberry season! I’m thrilled to report I made a small batch of jam that I canned and distributed to various family and friends but also am hoarding in the back of our pantry. If I’m lucky we’ll be able to pick enough to make a bit more. It’s also apple season and I’m conversely chagrined to report that too many of our tiny Gravensteins have been tossed over the back fence to our neighbor’s goats. But — I’ve made a couple of pies and several crisps and when I’m married the blackberries with the apples something really lovely has come out of it.

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    Buttermilk Cake

    Friday morning — I’ve got a batch of those delicious banana muffins in the oven, a hot cup of coffee, and both girls are at school at the same time for a few more…

    20 August 2021
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    Coconut Loaf Cake

    The holidays are here and we are limping along to the finish line — otherwise known as the last day of school before break. Four months of distance learning down (we’re doing a hybrid…

    18 December 2020