Rhubarb Cream Cake

Why yes, I did make myself a cake last weekend. (I shared. A mother’s love is selfless, right? ) The affair with rhubarb continues so I made rhubarb compote and sandwiched it between two cake layers plus lots of whipped cream, with extra whipped cream and compote on top to gild it all. It was a dream of a cake, not too sweet and very fluffy from all that whipped cream. Happy Mother’s Day to me.

I’ve been hankering after a strawberry cream cake since I had too many slices of one — just picked up at Marks & Spencers but oh so decadently good — during our trip to England in January. It was proper winter weather, ice, rain and very cold, a real respite after Saudi, so why I bought a cake that seemed better suited to spring garden parties doesn’t bear analyzing. Cream and fruit is advisable at any time of year, I suppose. I decided to recreate it at home, but with roasted rhubarb for the strawberries (though I still included a swipe of strawberry jam). Simple is as simple does but that’s sort of my cooking mantra.

Everyone not in the Southern Hemisphere could make this cake beginning now through the summer months and it would be lovely savored with a glass of cold bubbly with the windows open or even better on a deck or packed along on a picnic. As we’re being blessed here with lovely fall weather that allows us to enjoy many warm sunny days out of doors an otherwise spring-y cake feels just fine.

Sometimes on Mother’s Day I reflect on what it means to me to be a mother, how my life has changed since having one and now two little ones, but this year I didn’t do much of that. These days I feel a bit too in the thick of it to parse things over much. I will say that having children has grounded me in a way I’d never experienced previously and their needs — oh, their incredible needs! — serve to anchor my world in a way that I have found unexpectedly soothing. I was talking to a friend the other day and reflected that even though I may have had more energy in my 20s if I’d started having babies then I’m glad I waited until my 30s. I’ve done the work thing. Traveled a lot (also with children, but that’s another tale). Had adventures, run marathons, lived in two beautiful cities, worked on my career, had major life experiences. Life is a lot quieter and much more pared down now (yes we are living in an amazing city but more often than not our weekends consist of family park visits and swimming and getting gelatos rather than going on tourist excursions) and I don’t mind it at all. It’s actually a bit of a comfort to be focusing on someone else (or two someone elses). No more time for navel gazing and isn’t that a relief! I do think a lot about how my girls are growing up and wonder what kind of people they will become but their lives are literally still in infancy. It’s too early to even begin to speculate. So I try to nourish and snuggle and read and ply with fresh air and clean water gently nudge them towards daily kindnesses and considerations while staying as much in the moment as possible.

I also treat myself to huge daily cups of coffee, homemade cookies, and cake. CAKEcakecakecakecake. It keeps me sane; it’s good for the soul. No regrets.

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  1. Nice post…..that cake looks and sounds scrumptious….maybe this summer?

  2. Which cake from Flourless would be a good GF option that would strike a similar note in terms of texture? Thank you!

  3. Keith Travers says:

    Another great article! Keep ’em coming!

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