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Les Vacances

[Near Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, August 2012.]

Hi from vacation-land, where it’s been sunny and hot with bits of cool breezes here and there and the most gorgeous mountains you ever did see. There’s been cooking, many nights over a little camp stove at altitude but also in a lovely granite-lined kitchen in Sonoma County, and some baking of course (pie (!) – a cherry and a blueberry-blackberry -, a mixed stone fruit crumble, sesame cookies), but not over the top. There’s been MUCH Olympics-watching (Does it seem like the sportsmanship of the 2012 has been even more pronounced than in years’ past? All good stuff for sure.) and some back-roads running and I can’t forget to mention the switchback-hiking whilst lugging a heavy pack with the sun turning the back of our necks a toasty brown to reach the reward of Sunrise Lakes where we parked ourselves for two glorious nights. Photos, soon. Recipes, soon. Maine, very soon. But for now: vacation.

Hope you are well.

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