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Summer …

[Lukens Lake, August 2011.]

… sigh. I know you’re out there, still, and I know I experienced you but — and pardon my language — what the heck? September first is when? I’ve swum in Tomales Bay how many times? I’ve had an iced coffee, like, once?

Oh summer. Oh the elusive dream.

Well, the sun is shining today in San Francisco at least, and at any rate, and I brought into work one-half of an upside-down pear honey cake that I worked up for a story and it’s helping with the afternoon slump. It looks something like this:

But of course I cannot share the recipe just yet because it is for an article after all, and anyway I’m still sort of tweaking it (a little more whole wheat pastry flour, I think, and perhaps some sliced almonds). And so I apologize for that, as well as being a rather poor blogger lately both on the updating as well as on the new recipe fronts. I’ve no excuse really except that as usual life seems to be whirring along at its brisk clip and I can’t believe that summer is nearly over and September begins next week and I took that photo of Lukens Lake nearly three weeks ago (right after we saw the bear) and whew. Take a breath.

(Honestly, though, think I’m still in June, or at least my head is — but I also can believe I write something like this round about this time every year. How boring.)

I guess this little post serves today as a place-holder. I miss writing here, I want to write more, my head is completely full of mush and small details lately that make that difficult. I am taking next week off of work to attend to said small details — as well as a massive blackberry jam project, among other things — and I hope that also means I can get back to some non-photos-only efforts. Not that I don’t love and enjoy photo editing (because I do) and putting them together in a way that pleases me but, y’know, much as I run I also write. So.

In meantimes (and the lean times): a lake, and cake. Two of my favorite things to remind me that summer is still here and there are plenty of words to share about it.

‘Til then.

[Sometimes I wish summer could last all the year-long. In Yosemite the sky was so filled up with light you couldn’t tell the constellations. The mountains slept still and quiet and the stars soared overhead and that is where I am this week, and always.]

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  1. I’m right there with you… Summer was so fleeting this year. Am hoping for a typical summery autumn in San Francisco so I can continue to pack some of the goodness in.

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