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Summer List 2012

[Bay Bridge, July 2012.]

Nearly mid-summer. How is that even possible? We had thought to have a party at the end of the month to celebrate such, but I called uncle because I am worn. out. and while I dearly love to host a party – especially with berry-infused cocktails and farmers’ market-inspired nibblies – I found myself trying to drum up enthusiasm with little success. And that’s no way to throw a party. So. Maybe in the fall, for Indian Summer.

Change looms on the horizon. I am hoisting my sails. In the meantime, I thought I should throw myself as fully as possible into summer for we’re almost a month in and I don’t want to waste it. Henceforth, a list of things in which I’d like to indulge before October, with a few pie-in-the-sky ideas just for fun.

– Run. A lot.
– Swim in Tomales Bay a few times. Also, the San Francisco Bay (eep. Finally.). Maybe also the annual Inverness Community Swim?
– Canoe on the Russian River
– (Maybe kayak somewhere, too.)
– Yosemite. Backpacking. It’s on.
– Eat lots of soft-serve ice cream.
– Work on my tan.
– Bake a cherry pie.
– Make strawberry gin fizzes (note: tonight!).
– Sit in my parents’ backyard with the neighbors’ cats and a big stack of books.
– Swim in the Atlantic Ocean.
– Drink wine with my cousin in Vermont and hike the green hills.
– Don’t let work get me too down.
– Learn to surf.
– Cold-brew coffee.
– Make sun tea!
– Eat raw for one week (ps: ha!).
– Run out to Wildcat Beach and back, about 13 miles (see also: ha! But it’s a long-held ambition of mine.).
– Happy hour at the Cliff House for old times’ sake.
– Recipe test like it’s my job (and, perhaps, it should be).
– Have a few dinner parties.

To that end, one will occur tonight.


Strawberry gin fizzes (+ nonalcoholic iteration)
Basil lemonade (with gin and without)

White bean dip

Roast chicken with tomatoes and lemon
Couscous with vegetables and chickpeas

Caramel cake + raspberries
Moroccan mint tea

Happy Friday + Bastille Day tomorrow.


  1. Nice list….I know that you will do many if not all of those ideas. Happy summer!

  2. Change looming on the horizon? Now that does arouse curiosity! Thanks for all your inspiring words, good eats and lovely pictures–always a highlight of my week!

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