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[Pre-breakfast, June 2010


* Today’s word is: smitten. It’s such a sweet, small word, with those two ‘t’s’ packed tight together like a little fence. Lately I am smitten with: my friend’s dog, a 6-mile run straightaway after work through the fog, certain piano sonatas, an upcoming trip East, swimming, long hair, your smile, the just-picked cherries my coworker brought into the office to share, “The Weary Kind,” daydreaming, house guests who buy you flowers (also, bottles of prosecco), letting go, brunch outside in the sun, chocolate cupcakes.

* This morning I woke up and remembered, for once, some of my dreams. In the most vivid (though perhaps also most boring?) one I was searching through cookbooks for a basic lasagna recipe and the pages were missing, or I kept misturning, until finally I found one but then it didn’t seem exactly what I wanted … Still, I woke up firmly convinced I would make a spinach-mushroom lasagna this weekend. And I knew to what store I’d go to buy the ingredients (my old Columbia Rd. Safeway, in Washington), and where I would cook it (the first apartment I’d lived in in DC), and how strange that really was first to a) be dreaming of lasagna (note: I don’t really ever make lasagna), and b) forget for an hour or so I no longer live in that city.

* The other dream from last night I remember involved my not baking two very important, very large cakes in time for a very important celebration (and this is not the first time I’ve had this dream). Panic. It’s been on my mind: The other night I couldn’t slip into dreamland no matter how tired I was for thoughts of buttercream and chocolate ganache and homemade blueberry jam. I sent a text message reading, simply, TORTURE — because, while I do so truly love buttercream and chocolate ganache and homemade blueberry jam, these things should/must/WILL NOT interfere with my precious, precious sleep. Clearly I’m pretty ready to just get in the kitchen and bake already.

Just a few more weeks.


* I can’t stop eating (and eating) 0% Fage Greek yogurt with various fruit combinations. Today, it was a generous scoop along with lots of blueberries and a sprinkle of raw sugar. Last week I devoured it with raspberries. And I have a strong inkling tomorrow’s pre-breakfast will rely heavily on those organic, sweet strawberries I picked up at the farmers’ market last weekend. The day after that …

*13 days until summer. Can you feel it?

Tell me what’s on your mind these days. Lord knows I need distraction from obsessing about wedding cakes.


  1. experimenting with cornmeal. baby ducks. learning to grow plants in a high-rise with no outdoor space. corn on the cob. reminding myself how to knit. corn on the cob. enjoying the smells of conifer trees. corn on the cob.

  2. moving into our newly renovated home. stopped in my tracks at how lovely it is. and still staring at a gorgeous stove that i can not use until they hook up the gas, just to keep my feet on the ground I guess.

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