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Lunch Cauliflower-leek soup + garlic toasts Asparagus-spinach quiche w. whole-wheat crust Salad Almond butter cookies + vanilla ice cream (white wine, sparkling water, coffee) Dinner (G-f) Crackers and apples w. olives, cheeses, hummus Baked salmon w. lemon + white wine Roasted fingerling potatoes w.…

27 March 2012
nostalgia parties

Dinners, Parties

[Quiche-in-progress this morning, March 2012.] Whew. Today I have cooked. I am doing a two-fer this weekend, which means friends over for lunch and then more friends over for dinner. I will report back on Monday if I make it through to the other…

23 March 2012
baking fruit parties sweets

Winter Busy

[First ever grown up tree, December 2011.] The end of the calendar year is so close I can hear it tip-toeing behind me as it gently (or not-so) hurries me along into 2012. 2012. I’m trying to remember December 2001, ten years ago, and…

13 December 2011