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[Logan’s cake, June 2008. Photo by Randy.]

The candles are blown out, the wine bottles emptied, and the dishes — hopefully; I didn’t stay to see — put away. Today I went to Armstrong Woods and picnicked under the redwoods, in all their cool, stately quiet. It was warm in the sun, and I was able to go bare-armed, which was very welcome after the past few days in San Francisco of fog and chill. I always love the way the air smells: bay leaf, and dry earth, and then the dusty redwoods as the light filters down through the spindly leaves.

Last night’s birthday dinner, I must say, was a success: we had hummus and brie and an artichoke spread to start off on good bread; then pesto with penne, salmon with a pungent mustard sauce (at least, I think it was; I didn’t eat any myself, though it certainly looked lovely), a green salad, roasted aspargus with a bit of olive oil and salt. To finish, chocolate cake and cherry ice cream. I unfortunately did not take many photos but there was lots of camera talk, and good wine, and additional good and comfortable conversation, and this morning I rather blearily dragged myself up at 8.30 to make Father’s Day breakfast after about 6.5 hours of sleep.

So you will forgive me, I hope, if this is all I can offer up — a view of the cake, post- candles being blown out. I have pizza to eat for dinner, and a piece of leftover cake to follow, and then an early bedtime to catch an early bus back to the city. This morning’s feast was pretty much the best breakfast I’ve made in a long time: an egg-white fritatta loaded with portabello mushroom, red pepper, asparagus, and spinach (all very beautifully chopped), fried potatoes, a tiny bit of greens to lighten things up, and a batch of cherry muffins. Yes, that’s cherry muffins. I can’t wait to post the recipe; it’s a winner. For now, though, I think I’ll watch a bit of NBA finals basketball and prop my eyes open a few more hours before drifting off to dreamland …


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