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Sunday Sweet

[Sunday lunch, June 2008.]

Yesterday was so busy. I went to bed lateish on Friday night, then responsibly set my alarm and dragged myself up and out of bed to go to the farmers’ market (haul: wheated walnut bread; lots of strawberries; peaches; hot house tomatoes; baby cucumbers; lettuce; radishes; cauliflower; a few regular flowers; green beans; spinach) then helped my friend move then met up with some lovely ladies for wine and cheese and snacks, which culminated in a viewing of the Sex and the City movie in a packed theatre.

Today I dragged myself up early yet again and went to yoga. It was a brilliant day, and the sun was out for what felt like the first time in a week. I pushed it a bit and ran 4 miles even after going to class because it was so beautiful; during the week I so rarely get outside during the daylight hours so on the weekends I want to take full advantage. The sun shone on my back and at my front was a cool ocean breeze that reminded me of childhood afternoons in Sebastopol — even then, I was able to recognize that the coast was nearby, and lent us its crisp wind. Though I sometimes lament San Francisco’s chilly afternoons (and mornings, and mid-mornings), I love living near to the ocean. Just give me a bit of sun, is all I ask.

Now I have made it through to here, to now, nearly time for dinner, and I’ve: done lots of laundry (I left off for a couple of weeks and it’s shocking how it piles up), scrubbed the kitchen floor, made peanut butter cookies (half the batch with chocolate chips), dog biscuits, cut up some ripe fruit, made a few phone calls, started on dinner, and cracked open a bottle of pinot noir that unfortunately is just the tiniest bit too sweet (I think I’ll manage, though).


In two weeks I am going to one of my oldest friend‘s house in Sebastopol to cook her a birthday dinner. She is turning 30, which is no insignifant age, and I want to make it special. While this very special birthday dinner is still a bit away, I am already planning the menu — of course! I think to start a silky mushroom soup with thyme, though — hang on — I should review the appetizers first: too boring to do my usual home made hummus with bread/cheese/olives thing? That’s always very satisfying and well-received, but I do rely on it so often. So: appetizers probably the usual but with perhaps an amendment; then the mushroom soup; then: either a roasted chicken for the meat eaters, cooked as my brother did in Greece with just olive oil, lots of salt and pepper and herbs, with tomatoes, onions, and potatoes in the pan. Or I might go all vegetarian (since I am no great hand at roasting birds); at the very least, I think I’ll have to make a cheese and green garlic souffle for the vegetarian entree. To accompany, a green market salad (by this I mean all the good things coming into season right now, such as radishes, cucumbers, carrots, green beans) and roasted pototaes and perhaps also a vegetable. Roasted cauliflower? Sauteed zuchini? Then to finish, a deep, rich chocolate cake, of course.

(Yes, i like to plan my menus well in advance. It lessens the anxiety toward the end.)

[Afternoon snack, June 2008.]

Before I end this ramble, I have to detail the cheese plate I had last night for dinner (I’d had a late lunch of an enormous ‘super vegetarian’ burrito in the Mission which necessitated a light dinner). Before the movie, we donned heels and lipstick (errr, lip gloss and chapstick for me) and went to the District for wine and small plates. What I had was the “half cheese plate” which consisted of a good-sized wedge of taleggio, another good-sized wedge of blue cheese, a small pot of honey, macarona almonds, two figs, some sort of jammy congealed substance (better than it sounds, I promise you), and a bread basket (Acme, I think: a walnut slice, an olive slice, and a few rolls). I can’t imagine what I would have done if I’d ordered the four-cheese plate unless I convinced someone to share; that half-plate was perfectly perfect for what I wanted to eat righ then — I mean, wow. We drank a sweet bottle of sparkling wine and then a dryer one from New Mexico.

Though it’s a bit far from my house, I think I might have to go visit again, if only for that cheese plate.

look for a new recipe highlighting feta cheese.

Also: I have been watching Top Chef reruns on Bravo and I think I’m getting a little bit addicted. It’s just so … steamy.


  1. was the movie good? I’ve been waiting to see it to avoid the masses in the theatre. Isn’t it funny how one movie can cause quite a stir among all the women in the US? I swear I saw more girls in heels this weekend than ever before. Sounds like you had a fun and entertaining weekend. I spent the entire weekend reading and shopping. The best of both worlds. Can’t wait to see your party spread!

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