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Happy Christmas

[My tree, December 2008.] But that was not the same snow,” I say. “Our snow was not only shaken from white wash buckets down the sky, it came shawling out of the ground and swam and drifted out of the arms and hands and…

25 December 2008
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Welcoming the New

[Sunset, Tomales Bay, December 2007.] New Year’s Eve, late afternoon, taking the long drive through the fields to Inverness, the sun hung low and sweet on the horizon. Clouds streamed across the sky in a sheet of feathery white that couldn’t be captured by…

4 January 2008
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For A Sweet New Year

The holidays for most of us equal family time — and this year was no exception. Now that I live near my parents I’m able to see them more often, and I love that the trip home has now been whittled down to about…

3 January 2008

A Gift That’ll Keep on Giving

[Dinner the other night, December 2007.] This year I tried very hard not to subscribe to the “one for you, two for me” philosophy that has sometimes plagued my holiday shopping. Three seasons ago in particular there was some retail therapy which resulted in…

30 December 2007

Oklahoma on My Mind To-night

{Lemons in the backyard, December 2007.] It’s been chilly here the last few days; winter seeps in the doors and the cats are reluctant to go outside. My brother left for the East Coast yesterday morning, and I saw the sun make its way…

28 December 2007