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Saturday Mixed-Bag

[Farmer’s market haul: basil, strawberries (I know they’re out of season but they were organic and $2/basket so there was just no way I couldn’t get some), red peppers, butternut squash, salad greens, 1/2 doz. organic eggs, eggplant, green beans, corn, October 2007]

A few fun (?) items:

– I have an article in the Chron today about — wait for it — vermicomposting. Try it, you might like it.

– A redesign of my site, which I did all by myself (mostly; I had some generous on-email tech support as I muddled through). It took a lot of waffles, and a few tension-releasing runs in the Indian-summer sunshine, but I finally finished it and will actually leave it up in its current incarnation for awhile! (Well, probably.)

– Food-relatedly, I’ve been working on some quinoa recipes that I hope to share in a few weeks — quinoa, of course, being one of my favorite go-to dishes. I’ve picked up some red peppers at the farmers’ market perfect for stuffing.

– Things in addition to the (three) cakes I have made in the past week: vanilla cake with chocolate frosting (1); large batch pesto; roasted cauliflower. It was a light week for cooking.

– Tomorrow afternoon is slated for a massive apple project to use up the many, many (seriously many) gorgeous organic apples I brought back from Inverness on Tuesday and which are now making my apartment smell like a cider mill. Plans are to delve into canning for the first time — for apple butter, and sauce — and to hopefully freeze a bunch of slices for eventual baking-with.

You think I’m kidding about many apples I have? I’m not:

(and that’s only one of the boxes)

Whew. Bountilful harvest, indeed.

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