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We left Australia over a month ago and as seems to be the case with such moves that life already feels a bit like an unreality. Our daily routines have shifted into new (albeit temporary) ones involving trips to the parks within walking distance of our rental in San Francisco, vegan donuts, lattes instead of flat whites, and the occasional beach trip to our beloved cold Pacific Ocean. We are in a strange limbo of being “home” in San Francisco while waiting to transition to our permanent home in Sonoma County (very soon — and more about that soon, too). So we’re soaking up the fog and sun, the feeling of being back where we belong for San Francisco, for me, will always have my heart and will feel like the truest of right places to be.

It’s been fun talking about our old life to our girls — we’ve visited the Mill for toast and drinks and it didn’t really seem like five years had passed since I walked around the neighborhood with a six-week old Sierra snoozing on my chest while I ate a chocolate chip cookie and stayed out of our apartment while the movers packed up the last of our things. (We will be seeing those things again soon enough and the fun of downsizing will begin again. But really, it is fun and I love downsizing). We’ve played at Alamo Square Park and played in the Panhandle. We’ve gone near-daily to the amazing playground in Golden Gate Park and stayed out past dinnertime. We’ve ridden the carousel and watched the clouds blow in from the ocean in later afternoon. It’s been so good. I did have an unfortunate running accident last weekend which necessitated 15 stitches in my knee and a current inability to engage in much wandering so I’m grateful we did as much as we did do in the first weeks here.

I’ve been a bit lazy with our meals and even more so since my injury because it’s difficult to be on my feet for long periods of time. There have been a lot of quesadillas for lunch, peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, carrot sticks that count as dinner’s “vegetables”, take out pizza, ice cream, and pasta. This is how we get through an interim period without a true schedule; though the kitchen I have access to is great, it’s not mine and I don’t want to stock up on all the pantry items I usually keep available because we are packing up soon. I treat these times as being in “survival mode” and just go with it; we’ll be back to our more healthful lifestyle soon enough.

But pre-injury, the last time we made it to the Mill, I picked up a delicious whole grain loaf intending to make corn chowder for dinner along with garlic toasts. It was one of those days when the fog was nonexistent and despite spending two hours with Lisa and her girls at the playground on the hill as we walked home we passed another one ended and up staying out nearly until dinnertime (I love days like these). So, no soup. Instead, toast with a quick sautee of red onion, an entire bunch of chopped chard, and an ear of corn shaved into the pan after the chard cooked down. I toasted the bread, applied butter and a generous slice of sharp cheddar cheese, and piled the greens on top. To me this was the perfect meeting of comfort food (toast) and nourishing (all the greens) with a bit of decadence to tie it all together (the cheese).

I’ll include the loose recipe below; it’s not much of anything but it’s so tasty. Whole grain bread is, I think, essential so it is sturdy enough to stand up to the vegetables. You could use spinach instead of chard but chard is so lovely. You could also do a roasted tomato toast, though that would of course be an entirely different meal!

Though we’re in a transition period yet again I hope to be back soon, with photos of my new kitchen and view (spoiler: there will be trees!). Hope you are all well. xx

[print_this]Chard Toast with Corn and Onions

Makes four slices

Four pieces of whole grain bread, toasted
1/2 red onion sauteed until soft in a pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 bunch rainbow chard roughly chopped and added to the pan, cooked until wilted
1 ear of corn, kernels shaved off directly into the pan and cooked a few minutes
Salt and pepper to taste
Slices of cheddar cheese (optional)

Serve immediately.[/print_this]

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