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Getting Back to It


[Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, October 2007.]

This week: rain, re-reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” going to bed too late, listening to (old) Joni Mitchell, forgetting my keys, contemplating core strength training, coming up with lots of project ideas, starting on some articles due soon, more rain, a good 5-miler, a slow 3-miler, even more rain, planning trips, making quinoa soup and roasted cauliflower and chocolate pudding (not together), working.

Last weekend: finally buying a bridesmaid dress, missing yoga class because it was full (and I was early!), the first dinner party of the new year an unqualified success (not a scrap of food was left over, which makes me worry that I didn’t make enough;, but no one seemed to mind, or was left hungry) plus we were able to watch the debates (my friend M: the wine helps;), beginning a website design, the “Wire,” kicking off its last season (alas!).

In general: too much coffee, not enough fruit, probably enough water.

So I haven’t been cooking too much lately, though I made quinoa soup; last night (omitting the corn, because I forgot it) and I have hot weekend plans of cake-baking (see above) and seeing “Atonement” now that I’ve finished the book (can’t wait). Some baked tofu and sweet potatoes will probably figure in the next few days, but the kitchen — recently cleaned within an inch of its life after a wee mousie made an appearance (it seems to be gone now. I think. Knock wood.) — hasn’t seen me enough since I got back from my little holiday break. Must remedy this, as I miss it.

Because — whoooosh! — it’s January 10, and the newly-minted year is bowling along at its usual quick pace, and I am loathe to be left behind.

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