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Two of my dear friends got married in Yosemite this weekend and I wanted to do a little something special for them as a gift. A few years ago I made a cookbook for my dad — a compilation of (mostly) my own low-fat and non-fat recipes, and I quite enjoyed putting it together. I decided to do a reprise of that endeavor for part of their wedding present, and so took some of my favorite dishes and made them into a little coobook:


It was a wonderful weekend, if short. For me, there is never too much time spent in Yosemite Valley, and the weather was beautiful, the company sublime. I had many guests staying with us en route to the mountains and did a bit of cooking for them, including a white bean soup from scratch (recipe soon), and a chocolate fudge cake for a belated birthday present.


[lots of congratulations, and love, to you two.]

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