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Praise for “Flourless. Recipes for Naturally Gluten-Free Desserts”

~ Nicole Spiridakis has accomplished a feat of culinary legerdemain with this cookbook.thekitchn

~ In short, this is a dream dessert cookbook for folks who are gluten-free, yes, but also for anyone who just likes good food.  –

~ The book may tout its gluten-free sweets, Spiridakis says, but it’s a book for everyone, and most of the recipes are infinitely adaptable.Bay Area News Group/The San Jose Mercury News

~ The book promises scrumptiously decadent desserts, dietary restrictions be damned. Choices like traditional flourless chocolate cake with hazelnuts and salted caramel sauce, buttermilk panna cotta, and honey-glazed figs with coffee ice cream don’t need qualifiers. –

~ Double chocolate brownies, cheesecake, and ‘the most sublime recipe you will ever try – featured on

~ The recipes are something you would eat even if you, like cantankerous old me, won’t touch (and would certainly never attempt to make) vegan-gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, because I really like butter and wheat in my chocolate chip cookies, thankyouverymuch. – Sarah at Casa Yellow

~ The thing I love about Flourless is that the recipes are all gluten-free but don’t rely on gums or binders, instead using nut meals / nut flours and fluffy egg whites. – Megan at A Sweet Spoonful

~ The book is brilliant and fit for every kitchen, whether you ascribe to a GF diet or not. – Melissa at The Faux Martha

~ This is another gluten-free cookbook that works well in my kitchen- Nicole shies away from hard-to-find ingredients and focuses on ground nuts, egg whites, fresh fruit, and chocolate. It’s a beautiful book. – Sarah at Vanilla Bean Blog

~ Double Chocolate Brownies from ‘Flourless.’ – Kasey at Turn Table Kitchen


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