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Home, and Getting Back to It

[Near Golden Gate Park, February 2012.] I like to think that the best part of traveling is coming home, especially when you like home as much as I do. Late Tuesday afternoon as the plane began its slow descent into San Francisco and I…

24 February 2012
california life writing

Sunny October, I Begin Again

[San Francisco, October 2011.] Fall: utterly, truly. The light is fantastic, slanting against San Francisco’s buildings in the late afternoons and curling around the cyprus trees in Alamo Square Park. Last Saturday I picked roma tomatoes and early girls, the very last of the…

21 October 2011
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That Old Fall Feeling

[Inverness, September 2011.] Fall is settling in though the calendar promises a few weeks more of summer — but look, the apples hang fat and heavy and ripe, leaves are turning brittle and drifting across streets and deserted paths in the Seashore alike, blackberries…

13 September 2011