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The New Standard

We all know I’m a pretty simple girl at heart. This is not news. I’d much rather go for a long hike in the sun or spend a few hours on the beach or come across a fantastic book at the library that I…

20 January 2009
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I think it’s that time of year again — the time to wear sweaters. Currently I am snuggling up and to a deliciously soft, warm, comfy, and longer-than-is-usual for me specimen from Banana Republic (the sales, oh, they are upon us) in which I…

7 December 2008
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The Last Lovely City*

[San Francisco, looking west, February 2008.] I wrote out some cards last night — thank-yous, which are my very favorite kind — and as I put my return address in the left corner I got that same little thrill out of writing “San Francisco,…

11 November 2008
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The Perfect Sandwich?

Yes, it does exist, and it’s made by the Acme Bread Company at the SF Ferry Building. It’s composed of: “rustic Acme baguette”Mt. Tam triple creme, from Cowgirl Creameryquince pastearugulablack pepper I was down there today doing some very important birthday shopping, and I…

9 October 2007