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About Comfort

[At home, Sebastopol, July 2009.] I was up at my parents’ house this weekend — my house, really, though I don’t live there anymore — and got to thinking about the idea of comfort: what it means, what it is, how we find it.…

20 July 2009
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Like a Dream

[Looking toward Limantour, March 2009.] This weekend the weather turned into summer here in San Francisco, or at least the kind of summer I always wish for: sunny, nearly hot, a warm breeze brushing through the screen to ruffle the Sunday paper spread out…

6 April 2009
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[First strawberries of spring, March 2009.] It’s spring. I went back to the Fillmore Farmers’ Market this morning after a too-long hiatus (baby, I’ll never cheat on you again, no, I swear) and it kind of blew my mind. I wandered around in a…

21 March 2009
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Springing Ahead

[First daffodils, February 2009.] Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year. Yes, my birthday is nice, and Christmas, too, and I surely do love a good Thanksgiving when you start the meal early and let it go late, but truth be told the…

7 March 2009
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A Wee Bit

[Lemon cake, February 2009.] This will come as a surprise to exactly no one, but I like to bake. A lot. In the past two weeks alone I’ve baked banana bread, lemon-poppy seed muffins, two batches of cookies, red velvet cake, a banana-chocolate loaf,…

19 February 2009