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A Wee Bit

[Lemon cake, February 2009.] This will come as a surprise to exactly no one, but I like to bake. A lot. In the past two weeks alone I’ve baked banana bread, lemon-poppy seed muffins, two batches of cookies, red velvet cake, a banana-chocolate loaf,…

19 February 2009
california holidays parties vegan vegetables vegetarian

Table Setting

[Cheese and wine, November 2008.] I was watching some silly movie the other night that took place in England. The plot was pretty lame (but yes, the couple got together in the end, as they should have) and I don’t remember who was in…

24 November 2008
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Working on It

[Mushroom galette, November 2008.] There are days when all I think about is food — the preparing of it, how well certain dishes will pair with others, what specifically I should cook for a friend’s birthday, whether making the same dishes over and over…

14 November 2008