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On New Year’s Eve …

[New Year’s Eve 2010, San Francisco.] At the beginning of the new year — for all of January, really — I find I am more quiet. After the rush of the holidays has subsided I want only to go to bed early with a…

18 January 2011
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Tomorrow I am 32. Tomorrow I am 32 and I am not, for once, baking my own birthday cake, though it is often my wont and wish to do so — no, this year will be spent drinking lots of water, carbo-loading, crossing my…

15 October 2010
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Sometimes, There is Little Else to Say But

[Before dinner, July 2010.] Cheese plate + good bread Phyllo-mushroom cups Zuni Cafe roast chicken with heirloom tomatoes + bread salad, parsley-almond pesto White bean + mushrooms, with basil pistou Corn + barley + arugula salad Green beans + summer squash, sauteed shallots Plum…

26 July 2010
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Plus ça Change,

[Last bits of summer, September 2009.] [Plus le Meme Chose, non?] October slips in on a rush of 70-degree mornings and the sun beams down as if to say, Silly you. There are days more of me so do not lament those dark 6.30…

2 October 2009
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Recipes for Success

[Anniversary roses, August 2009.] I don’t think any day is worth living without thinking about what you’re going to eat next at all times. – Nora Ephron on The funny thing about this anniversary party was not that we made too much food…

7 August 2009