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This Light

[Abbotts Lagoon, January 2013.] Northern California this week is making the hard sell for me to stay – at least that’s what it seems like. Sun all the day long and clear nights and it’s cold, sure, but I don’t mind since I’m apparently…

18 January 2013
baking life nostalgia recipe


[On a run, September 2012.] Quiet days, sunny days. Time hums along with the ordinary: running, recipe-testing, dish-washing, baking, bean-soaking, laundry, soup-making, book-reading. Last weekend we picked blackberries for two hours in shifting sun and shade and had a pint after at the fancy-ish…

21 September 2012
nostalgia parties

Dinners, Parties

[Quiche-in-progress this morning, March 2012.] Whew. Today I have cooked. I am doing a two-fer this weekend, which means friends over for lunch and then more friends over for dinner. I will report back on Monday if I make it through to the other…

23 March 2012