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Fully Caked

[Sliced, July 2008.] Someday I hope to have a real kitchen, one with lots and lots of counter space on which to set all my (sparkling, unblemished, newish) various accouterments while I’m cooking. Then I don’t have to do what I just did: put…

11 July 2008

Hotter than Hot

[Market flowers, May 2008.] Yesterday felt like summer vacation. I arrived back to San Francisco from Austin, TX, where I’d spent three days for a work trip, to a blazingly hot day — so hot, in fact, that when I got out of the…

17 May 2008

Thursday Night Pasta and Poetry

Another run in the rain, this time colder and faster than the last. My shoes and shirt were sopping by the time I made it home, and after a very hot shower to warm up again, the only thing I wanted was to drink…

7 December 2007

My Favorite Things

{Dinner and a book, June 2007] Two things I love are books and food (or, reading and cooking). So it makes sense that I especially love books — and not necessarily cookbooks — about food. I think I actually prefer books whose characters are…

4 September 2007

Food of the Gods

Saturday, slow and sweet. The first week back after a vacation is always the hardest, but luckily I have a piece in the Chron today to ease the transition into a lovely long weekend. Today has been one of those sort of gloriously empty…

1 September 2007