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Reliable (+ a Flat White)

Coffee and I, as has been well-documented on this site, have a long and mostly happy history. I don’t know for sure when I first started drinking it regularly, though it probably was during college. I remember coming home to California for a visit…

13 April 2015
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The Dream of Cake

[Cake for Whitney, May 2009.] Once, a few years ago, I had a long layover in Munich on the way back from Thessaloniki to Washington, DC. I wandered the airport in a fog of sleepiness and humidity (who knew Germany was so grey and…

3 August 2009
coffee life nostalgia travels

Morning Essential

movie dvd true grit [Breakfast, coffee required, March 2009.] I woke up this morning feeling a bit fractious. It’s been hot here, climbing to the 80s, even, which for this sea-blown city is an anomaly except for a few times a year (though I’m…

21 April 2009

Coffee: a Fixation

[My morning salvation, Octobre 2007.] There are few things in life as perfect as a good cup of coffee — oh, a good night’s sleep or, say, falling in love come pretty close, but for those of us who appreciate a decent cup of…

11 April 2008