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4th of July dinner

PLUMS are in season, so a few nights ago I made a plum tart with organic, dark plums. I used perhaps too much cinnamon, but the crust -though vegan- was sweet and flaky, probably due to the ice water and the1/2-hour of chilling time it rested in the fridge before being rolled out and fitted to the tart pan.

The rest of the dinner included:

Tomato/basil foccacia (cornmeal crust from TJ’s: not homemade; not as good)
Salmon baked in white wine/veg broth/herbs/layered with lemon slices
Zuchini and basil cooked until very soft in the cast iron skillet
Polenta with shiitake mushrooms
Spinach salad
Tofu for me
Plummy, tart, vegan pie

Then we watched the fireworks (barely) from Alamo Square Park. It was a very cold night in San Francisco, but at least it was clear.

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