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February 2013

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A Winter Drink

When it comes to drinking alcohol in the winter, I am pretty simple. I want good, dark glasses of red wine, preferably sipped slowly in front of a fire with a dog at my feet and a book in my hand (if that’s not…

22 February 2013
Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner, 2/17

Spaghetti with mushrooms + garlic + marinara Romaine salad with avocado + carrots Coffee ice cream More Sunday Dinners ……

18 February 2013
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For Valentines Everywhere

Valentine’s Day is pretty low-key this year (as it is every year), but I had to commemorate it regardless and so dragged myself out of bed when the alarm went off at 6:45 to make brekkie (that is love!!!), which consisted of: Whole wheat…

14 February 2013