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June 2012

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Vegan Pesto, Revisited

[Dinner, June 2012.] Last night the fog floated in – perhaps not quite on little cat feet, but close enough – and it is still here this morning, blanketing my part of the city with grey. The sun is struggling to break through though…

29 June 2012
Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner, 6/24

An R+G Fried tofu w. sesame seeds Brown rice Roasted cauliflower + carrots Salad greens with sesame oil-rice vinegar dressing + sunflower seeds (glass of orange juice) Vegan ginger cookies More Sunday Dinners ……

25 June 2012
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A Boozy (or not) Rhubarb Cocktail

[The happiest of hours, June 2012.] Hello from San Francisco where it’s a balmy 54 degrees today (in the fog; it might be a bit cooler in the shade) and I am wearing wool socks and clutching on to the thought of August in…

22 June 2012