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April 2012

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner, 4/29

Whole wheat spaghetti w. nettle pesto + steamed asparagus Lemony baked halibut Chopped salad w. soy-sesame dressing, sunflower seeds + chioggia beets Garlic toasts (glass Ravenswood Zin) Chocolate cake w. chocolate ganache + a glass of milk More Sunday Dinners ……

30 April 2012
le poisson recipe

Spring Fling (+ Baked Halibut with Lemon)

I’m having a fling with spring, it’s true. A little rain here and there – Wednesday night I met my friend Anne for wine in the lower Haight and what I thought was fog on the way turned out to be a storm as…

27 April 2012
Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner, 4/22

Baked halibut w. lemon Fried tofu for me (not pictured) Roasted asparagus Roasted cauliflower + carrots Quinoa w. shitaake mushrooms + garlic (glass Kenwood sauvignon blanc) Busy-day or sweet bread cake w. strawberry jam More Sunday Dinners ……

23 April 2012