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November 2011

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Into the Woods

[Thanksgiving dinner, November 2011.] This year, Thanksgiving weekend involved a lot of time outdoors and that’s perhaps the thing I’m most grateful for in these waning days of 2011. But of course all the other stuff was grand, too. Dinner was lovely — all…

28 November 2011
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[Along the Pacific coast, November 2011.] Why I Wake Early Hello, sun in my face. Hello, you who made the morning and spread it over the fields and into the faces of the tulips and the nodding morning glories, and into the windows of,…

24 November 2011
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Making Pumpkin Pie from a Pumpkin

So what happened was: I went to the store to get the fixings for a pumpkin pie — the evaporated milk, the canned puree — and left with a carton of Clover heavy cream and a small (organic) sugar pumpkin that I roasted last…

22 November 2011