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October 2011

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Sunny October, I Begin Again

[San Francisco, October 2011.] Fall: utterly, truly. The light is fantastic, slanting against San Francisco’s buildings in the late afternoons and curling around the cyprus trees in Alamo Square Park. Last Saturday I picked roma tomatoes and early girls, the very last of the…

21 October 2011
cake-baking life


[Northstar at rest, October 2011.] After all that, after brushing off the crumbs and packing away the dress and wistfully wishing the flowers adieu and trying not to get toooo weepy saying good-bye to beloved family and friends who live far (too far, darn…

18 October 2011

A Wedding, and Cake

[Wedding cake, October 2011.] It’s hard to believe a week ago right now I was driving through the rolling hills of Northern California along Tomales Bay in the bright sun back to Sebastopol with Kate and Emily, talking of this and that (mostly, food,…

14 October 2011