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September 2011

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That Old Fall Feeling

[Inverness, September 2011.] Fall is settling in though the calendar promises a few weeks more of summer — but look, the apples hang fat and heavy and ripe, leaves are turning brittle and drifting across streets and deserted paths in the Seashore alike, blackberries…

13 September 2011
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I wrote this post two years ago, and I’m re-posting today because whenever I sit down to write something about 9/11 I find I write the same things over and over again: It was a beautiful day in Washington; I remember that morning as…

11 September 2011
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How it’s Going

[Blackberries, Sebastopol, September 2011.] This past week or so has involved lots of blackberries. Loads. Some I didn’t pick and many I did, and I still have the scratches to prove it. There were also huckleberries, which are more time-consuming to gather but less…

6 September 2011