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July 2011

baking cake-baking sweets

Simple and Sweet Caramel Cake

[Caramel cake, July 2011.] Monday. I am marooned at work without a slice of the delicious cherry pie I baked yesterday (the flaky crust! The not-too-sweet fruit!) and consequently counting the hours until I can return home to devour a slice for afternoon snack.…

11 July 2011
baking fruit sweets

Summer is for Baking Pie

[4th of July baking, July 2011.] Suddenly, am obsessed with making pie. I’m not sure why this is exactly — maybe because it’s been so warm-hot here, and July just feels like it should be pie and cold glasses of unsweetened mint tea and…

7 July 2011

Lavender Tea and ‘Season To Taste’

[On the way to work, July 2011.] Good morning from glorious San Francisco where the sun is shining and it’s actually, can I say it?, kind of hot. I snapped that photo above as I left the house — sweet, sweet sun! — and…

1 July 2011