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May 2011

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Rain, Cold, Cookies, Spring

[Over the mountain, near Geyserville, May 2011.] It’s raining today in San Francisco (wait — it’s raining?? On the last day of May? This is not the California I know and love.) and I’m sniffly and hunched over a soy latte wondering when this…

31 May 2011
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A Dear Blog Letter, But Mostly, Vegan Pesto

[Sunday lunch, May 2011.] I hosted a wee lunch party a week ago Sunday that I was proud of for two reasons: One, I didn’t go overboard, as often I tend to do; and two, I made vegan pesto. My menu was: To start:…

23 May 2011
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About that Wedding Cake …

[Cake for Leah and Simon, gorgeous photo by Sweet Monday Photography.] A year ago I was obsessing about butter cream — how much, would it hold up to the heat and humidity of a Maine summer, what kind of vanilla, should I make strawberry…

10 May 2011