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April 2011

baking soup vegetables

Weekend Cooking

[Forget-me-nots, April 2011.] So it’s spring now, even if it doesn’t always feel like it every day due to rain in the forecast and the way that wind still blows something fierce. But — it is. The air feels a little lighter, the birdsongs…

12 April 2011

The Day

[Tuesday night, San Francisco, April 2011.] Friday, and I am soon to go north, out of the city. A blowy day, clear and blue and chilly, though the fog is just starting to come in. Marvelous things loom on the horizon: sleeping in a…

8 April 2011
fruit life nostalgia


Oh spring. Oh the lovely season. I just slipped out of work for 20 minutes to take advantage of the day and went directly to the park where I threw down my coat and stretched out like a cat in the sun, The grass…

4 April 2011