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April 2011

baking vegan

My New Standard

I have a favorite, reliable, go-to, standard (etc. etc.) cookie recipe that never fails me: an oatmeal-chocolate chip. When I ‘need’ to make cookies and am pressed for time, I make these — they’re buttery and addictive, the oatmeal sort of caramelizes during baking…

25 April 2011

Another for the Cake-Baking Files

[Cake for Leah and Simon, April 2011.] So because I have so much free time right now, I just baked a wedding cake. I think I honestly might have a slight Baking Addiction — or at least absolutely cannot ever say ‘no’ to baking…

23 April 2011
california life

Friday Snapshot(s)

(or, small notes to myself) The sun has just slipped out again and the hills are glowing green, green, in a way that sings — unalterably — of spring. I’m eating the last mug of that delightful minestrone soup for lunch and listening to…

15 April 2011