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January 2011

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Home, with Penne and Pesto

[Sonoma Coast, January 2011.] I took today off. No working from home, no working at work, no working, really, at all. I pushed off thoughts of my Friday deadline and went for a run in the morning — just a short one, because I’m…

31 January 2011
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[Monterey, January 2011.] (Very) Occasionally I wish I still lived on the East Coast, mostly because of the snow. There were some — if fairly rare — winter days when DC was blanketed with great swathes of white and there was nothing to do…

25 January 2011
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On New Year’s Eve …

[New Year’s Eve 2010, San Francisco.] At the beginning of the new year — for all of January, really — I find I am more quiet. After the rush of the holidays has subsided I want only to go to bed early with a…

18 January 2011