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November 2010

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Starting Off

Anyway, though, regardless of decadent chocolate cake and the strange weather in Northern California this weekend (in the 70s, dry and sunny, the poor trees shedding their leaves must be so confused), we all are well-aware of what’s coming up next week: Thanksgiving. I…

15 November 2010
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And Then, Cake

[On the table, Sunday, November 2010.] Sunday afternoon — after an early-morning wake up, after the time change, after running 6 miles in the rain — I drank sparkling wine and ate a piece of chocolate cake. Surely there was laundry to do and…

12 November 2010
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About All That

[What this fall was all about, November 2010.] Oh hello little blog! *Gently sweeps dust out of the corners* I have terribly neglected you this fall, what with the running and the baseball and the baseball and the … You have not seen very…

5 November 2010