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November 2010

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The Feasting

[Before, November 2010.] Home again, home again after a four-day weekend that whizzed by much too quickly. I know there was lots of cooking, lots of sleep (10 hours one night, even), many cups of tea, fires in the fireplace, reading (currently — and…

29 November 2010
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Thanks, the Giving of

[Apple pie, November 2010. Recipe here.] I am thankful for this sunny day. I am thankful for this good food, that I have enough when so many do not. I am thankful for my friends and family. I am thankful for sweet dogs. I…

25 November 2010
holidays vegetables vegetarian

Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Vegetables, Etc.

[Kurt’s hands, December 2008.] This is what I have done today: Lugged cake and cookies in to work on the bus, most likely annoying fellow passengers because it was so crowded (sigh …). Worked. Thought about tomorrow’s dinner party. Made lists (oh, the lists!…

19 November 2010