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October 2010

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On Elevenses

[This morning, October 2010.] October 26. The year spins on, November looms just around the corner. And it is the most beautiful day today: From where I sit, I can see Tomales Bay shimmering blue against the dry hills and there’s not a cloud…

26 October 2010
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26 Miles Down the Road

[Birthday cake, sliced, October 2010.] Friends, I did it. And it was HARD. Rain and wind and fog and no sun at all the whole way, not even a flash of it, and we started in the dark. But if it was so hard…

18 October 2010
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Tomorrow I am 32. Tomorrow I am 32 and I am not, for once, baking my own birthday cake, though it is often my wont and wish to do so — no, this year will be spent drinking lots of water, carbo-loading, crossing my…

15 October 2010