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October 2009


Today (and lately),

[Clouds, Sebastopol, October 2009.] The sky is October-blue and the lovely sun shines, cutting a shadow left-wise across the building behind my office. Downtown San Francisco is very still and quiet this afternoon, Friday, perhaps because of the ongoing Bay Bridge closure and people…

30 October 2009

Getting There

It’s not exactly proper soup season yet here in San Francisco but it sure is starting to feel like it — this coming weekend the time changes and though it will be nice to see the moon rise up early I’m not at all…

26 October 2009
life travels

And There Could I Marvel

[Sunset, King’s College, Cambridge, U.K., October 2009.] Today I am 31 and am drinking tea. Four days ago, on another birthday, Cambridge shone in sun and light clouds, and we ‘punted’ down the river hearing about Lord Byron and all the old poets. Evensong…

16 October 2009