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September 2009


If at First

You don’t succeed (at poaching an egg), definitely don’t try again for at least six years. What? You wouldn’t do this? It’s just me? Well anyway: we all have our challenges, and poaching an egg definitely was one of mine. Err, was ? I…

14 September 2009

One Tuesday

[Redwoods, Armstrong State Reserve, June 2008.] Today, the day of days. How the sun shines on this western city as if we have been granted some sort of miraculous blessing and the sky — swept clear of clouds — is that bluest blue of…

11 September 2009
california life

Some Fridays

[Breakfast, September 2009.] I get up a little earlier — more like 6:20 a.m. instead of 6:40 (I know 20 minutes doesn’t seem like much but when you read past bedtime the night before every little bit helps) — and go for a run.…

4 September 2009