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August 2009

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Confessions (1)

{Roasted tomatoes with lavender, for an npr story, August 2009.] Here it is: I absolutely might consider breaking up/not even going out with someone if we didn’t agree on certain food … things. (I can hear my brother’s shout of disbelief all the way…

10 August 2009
life parties

Recipes for Success

[Anniversary roses, August 2009.] I don’t think any day is worth living without thinking about what you’re going to eat next at all times. – Nora Ephron on The funny thing about this anniversary party was not that we made too much food…

7 August 2009
baking coffee fruit sweets

The Dream of Cake

[Cake for Whitney, May 2009.] Once, a few years ago, I had a long layover in Munich on the way back from Thessaloniki to Washington, DC. I wandered the airport in a fog of sleepiness and humidity (who knew Germany was so grey and…

3 August 2009