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July 2009

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About Comfort

[At home, Sebastopol, July 2009.] I was up at my parents’ house this weekend — my house, really, though I don’t live there anymore — and got to thinking about the idea of comfort: what it means, what it is, how we find it.…

20 July 2009

Crazy For

Sometimes love creeps in over the doorstep slowly and gently to land up at your feet with a shy smile. At others it sweeps in on a great booming rush of wind and sound, filling up a room with its presence until there’s nothing…

17 July 2009
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That Time Thing

Sometimes I wonder what I’d eat for a final meal (note: I don’t really like to think about things like this because not only is it rather morbid it’s also improbable). Actually, maybe I should amend that to be more like: I wonder what…

13 July 2009

A Slice of Cake

[Des fleurs, April 2009.] I was talking with a friend the other day as we’re wont to do, and somehow during the course of it we came up with a great idea: writing about writers with whom you’d like to cook, have a drink…

10 July 2009