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July 2009

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Delicious Is This

[Note: still marooned in fog, though a weekend out-of-town beckons with promises of sun in the afternoons and temperatures in the 70s.] Despite the chilly wind blowing through my living room windows (and which makes me dive under blankets on the couch, cup of…

31 July 2009
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Pizza + Root Beer Float

Yesterday was pretty much my ideal day. I woke up in time to make my yoga class — and Muni didn’t thwart me after all though it was dodgy there for about 10 minutes while I waited for a bus that seemed like it…

27 July 2009
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Oh, July

[Bodega Head, Sonoma Co. coast, July 2009.] It’s scarf-and-sweater weather again in San Francisco (What’s that you ask? It’s July? Yes, it is indeed July. I know that’s weird but that’s just the way things go around here.) which means I’m shivering my way…

24 July 2009