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June 2009

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Just Lovely

[Afternoon drinks, Inverness, June 2009.] Saturday night I was in the kitchen chopping an onion and thinking about August. The dog was sprawled on the rug near the front door sighing softly in his sleep as I plotted and dreamed a little. As I…

29 June 2009


[Apricots from Lisa, June 2009.] This morning, my apartment, 6:30 a.m. I meant to bake last night — a vanilla pound cake filled with thinly-sliced plums and an apricot-upside down cake, both from “The Art and Soul of Baking” — but it was a…

26 June 2009

In Summer,

(the song sings itself*, all sparkle and white-gold light.) True summer slipped in the door Saturday night, somewhere among the clean-scrubbed pots draining by the sink and the vegan gingersnaps cooling on my wooden pull-out cutting board. But even if I barely acknowledged that…

22 June 2009

My Favorite Things

Last summer I ate a lot of chard for various reasons — mostly because it’s so damned good you’d be crazy not to but also because it helped smooth out my finicky stomach during a rough patch (break-ups, even if necessary, are usually never…

19 June 2009