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May 2009


The Other Night

[Dinner the other night, May 2009.] I’ve noticed a few things about myself since moving to San Francisco: I really can go on at great length about my farmers’ market and beautiful vegetables (tell me you love roasted cauliflower as much as I do…

30 May 2009
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Among Friends

I don’t mind eating alone — in fact, sometimes it’s one of my especial pleasures to sit down with a glass of wine and a little dish of pistachio nuts and the Sunday paper with dinner (often, a pot of soup) quietly bubbling away…

26 May 2009
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Vegetable Soup, Revised

[The other night, May 2009.] Last week was hot. I drank copious amounts of iced coffee in my parents’ backyard while toasting my toes in the little pool of sunlight allowed to break through the trees (I still marvel at all the trees my…

21 May 2009

A Day

[Mother’s Day breakfast, May 2009. ] I’m not a breakfast person, really. I’ve gone on about this before and it’s really not that interesting; suffice it to say that I’m a fairly simple girl for most things and so most days of the week…

13 May 2009
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Nearly three years ago this June I dragged myself up before 6am and went for a run. It was foggy and damp but not cold — warm enough to swim, almost. As we went along we ran and walked a bit, too, and talked…

5 May 2009