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April 2009


Luck, and Vegetable Soup

[Dinner, April 2009.] All I’ve been wanting to do lately is eat vegetables. Now that it’s spring-nearly summerish I have been seeking out a lot of greens, gravitating toward quickly stir-fried asparagus and mushrooms, chard wilted and tossed with whole wheat penne, pine nuts,…

27 April 2009
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Morning Essential

movie dvd true grit [Breakfast, coffee required, March 2009.] I woke up this morning feeling a bit fractious. It’s been hot here, climbing to the 80s, even, which for this sea-blown city is an anomaly except for a few times a year (though I’m…

21 April 2009

The Longest Conversation

[Easter dinner table, April 2009.] My cousin Julie makes the best tomato sauce (and lots of other things, too, I suspect, though I don’t see her nearly enough to get to eat it all). She used to own a small pasta business and turned…

15 April 2009
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Like a Dream

[Looking toward Limantour, March 2009.] This weekend the weather turned into summer here in San Francisco, or at least the kind of summer I always wish for: sunny, nearly hot, a warm breeze brushing through the screen to ruffle the Sunday paper spread out…

6 April 2009
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(North) West to the Sea

where to watch and soon the darkness full film [Morning at Drake’s Beach, March 2009.] In wilderness is the preservation of the world. – Henry David Thoreau I’m a pretty simple girl, really. Things I love especially include gin and tonics on a warm…

1 April 2009