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February 2009

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Birthdays, Cakes

[Peanut butter-chocolate cupcake, February 2009.] February seems to be the month of birthdays — and with birthdays, inevitably and of course, comes cake(s). There was a red velvet for my coworker, a vegan banana bread-cake for my dad, and probably a few others I’m…

28 February 2009
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Lazy Day Breakfast

[Sunday brekkie, February 2009.] If every morning I could wake up early, after having gone to bed early-ish so as to get a full 9-10 hours of delicious, occasionally elusive, sleep, I’d stretch out long and luxuriously in bed and reach for my water…

26 February 2009
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Pain au Banane

It feels like like spring a little bit — today, which is smack in mid-February (though, I will note, it’s just one month until the official first day of spring), probably because of the birds. I woke up to them chirping madly away at…

21 February 2009
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A Wee Bit

[Lemon cake, February 2009.] This will come as a surprise to exactly no one, but I like to bake. A lot. In the past two weeks alone I’ve baked banana bread, lemon-poppy seed muffins, two batches of cookies, red velvet cake, a banana-chocolate loaf,…

19 February 2009
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Dear Valentine

[Sky, San Francisco, fall 2008.] Baby, you are softness and light, you are memory swirled around like caramel in chocolate ice cream, you are sunsets over the Pacific Ocean in lavender and light blue, you are the first gulp of water after filling the…

14 February 2009