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January 2009

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At Night

[Moon along the border, Gaza, January 2009. Photo by my friend Donny P.] Before last week’s — much needed — rain began, the sky was clear at night, hot and clean. When I went running Tuesday after work (6 miles, unexpectedly, but I just…

26 January 2009

One of Those Days

downloads life as we know it online [My morning cuppa, January 2009.] Today is one of those days — you know the ones, when it’s nearly impossible to tear yourself out of bed because the rain is pattering quietly down (how we need it)…

23 January 2009
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The New Standard

We all know I’m a pretty simple girl at heart. This is not news. I’d much rather go for a long hike in the sun or spend a few hours on the beach or come across a fantastic book at the library that I…

20 January 2009


[The other night, January 2009.] A few times a winter a week lands up in the city by the bay that is exquisitely out of season — warm (hot, even), sunny, with a balmy breeze if indeed there’s a breeze at all. It’s a…

13 January 2009
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Soup and Sun

[Sunday soup, January 2009.] Sunday afternoon from where I sit on my third-floor perch the church across the street has gone quiet for the day, all the morning hustle and activity stilled down to a few stragglers making their way home. The sun streams…

11 January 2009